Screw the Gym! A Simple Exercise Plan to Lose Weight

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So You Want to Get in Shape? Don’t Tell Me You’re Thinking About Joining a Gym?!

Screw the Gym! They don’t want you to lose weight and get fit. They want to you sign up to that introductory membership special and then stop showing up after a month.

Burn Fat and Build Muscle With This Super Simple Exercise Plan!

All the tools you need to lose weight and get in shape come built right into your own body. You can burn fat, build muscle and lose weight using your own body weight. Even better, you can easily adapt this plan from a basic body-weight strength routine into a more advanced plan simply by adding some weights to it.

Perhaps the best investment I’ve made in my health was a $99 set of weights and weight bench I purchased from 1-Day.

Stick with me here and I’ll introduce you to a simple exercise plan to lose weight, build muscle and burn fat.

Straight Up. If you want to lose weight, the MOST important thing to focus on is your diet.

Yeah I know, I’ve said it before but I keep harping on about it for a reason. What you eat is responsible for 80-90% of your success, AND YOUR FAILURE. I spend 9-10 hours a week walking. Sounds like a lot yeah? I suppose it is, but it still leaves me with over 160 hours to screw everything up. Think of it this way; I burn about 550 calories walking everyday and that takes me about 90 minutes. I can undo all that and then some in about 20 minutes by downing 2 fush and 1/2 a scoop of chups, for a whopping 1050 calories.

If losing weight is your main focus, top-notch food choices are the fastest path to success. But if burning fat, building muscle and looking great is your target, read on.

So Cardio is Great but it Isn’t the Best Use of Your Time

As you know I’m huge advocate for walking. In my mission to lose weight, walking has been my go-to exercise. I walk to work, I walk home, I walk to go eat my lunch. All up I walk nearly 10km in a typical week day. I’ll never say a bad word about walking, but it’s a horribly inefficient way to lose weight. In fact, cardio in general is an inefficient way to lose weight.

Why? Let’s talk science for a moment: There’s bugger all Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). What the hell does that mean? Good question. Basically it means that you’re only burning calories while you’re performing the cardio exercise. So, you’re burning calories while you’re walking or running but once you stop, so does the calorie burn.

Don’t get me wrong, cardio is good for you. It’s good for your heart and it’s good for general fitness. It’s a great place to start and should be part of any balanced fitness routine. Just don’t make it your only activity.

Strength Training! Strength training will help you lose weight in a number of different ways. If you’ve started to reduce the number of calories you consume every day, strength training will help retain and build on the muscle you already have.

EPOC. Yup the science again. Strength training has a much higher rate of exercise post oxygen consumption than cardio. So, unlike cardio your body keeps working after you stop exercising. Numerous studies have shown that this can boost your metabolism for up to 36 hours after you finish your workout.

If you’ve been here before, you’ll know my biggest regret in my own weight loss mission was not adding strength training to my workouts earlier. I lost 30kg before I started strength training. As a result I was heaps smaller, but still a flabby version of myself. Don’t make my mistake! Make strength training part of your workouts today. 

Enough Already, Just Give Me the Workout Plan!

A Body Weight Workout for Beginners

Note: This exercise plan is available on the resources page as a more detailed free downloadable guide. It includes instructions, additional illustrations and is yours to take away.

This is a basic routine. There are just four exercises and you perform them one-after-the-other. If you can, do them without a break in-between. When you’ve finished all four, do it again. If you can, go for a third. You’re gonna get tired, so if you can’t do the exercises properly stop and take a break.

WARM-UP first. Always warm-up before you start! Don’t wear yourself out, just get your heart rate up and get your muscles warm. I don’t wanna hear anyone saying, “Shane, I did the workout and got an injury”. Once you’ve warmed up, here’s the plan:

  • 15 Squats
  • 10 Push ups
  • 10 Dumbbell or Barbell Rows
  • 15 Second Plank

Bodyweight Squat1. 15 Squats

Pushup2. 10 Push-ups

Dumbbell Row3. 10 Dumbbell Rows (each arm)

PLank4. Plank

When you’re finished, make sure you stretch. Always stretch after a workout.

For the squats, keep your back straight at all times. Pretend you’re sitting down on a chair and getting back up again.

If you can’t do full push-ups, setup on your knees instead of your feet.

You don’t need dumbbells for the dumbbell rows. Fill a 2L milk bottle with water or sand, or just find something that’s hard to lift 10 times in a row.

Plank for as long as you can.

Do this routine 2-3 times a week but not on consecutive days. Your muscles need time to recover, this is just as important as actually doing the exercise. It’s during this recovery time that your muscles start to build. I recommend walking every day, but at the very least you should walk on the days in-between this bodyweight routine.

To get the most out of this routine, make sure you’re eating properly! Cut back on the refined suger and eat more real food. Ya know, vegetables and stuff.

Remember this is a basic routine, I’ll add intermediate and more advanced routines over time.

Exercise images courtesy of: WorkoutLabs.

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