What is the easiest way to lose weight?

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  • There is no easy way to lose weight…
    I lost 6kg in 1 month going from 78Kg to 72Kg by doing keto diet and fasting.
    I had no visible muscle lost and I had less belly fat.
    And no yoyo effect (didn’t gain back the weight I lost) after stoping the diet and fasting but one thing is sure my way of eating has changed.
    So to summarize everything, it’s about a “way” to lose, it’s about how, how much, when and what do you eat habits in the long term.

  • Replace your drinks with water, fix your sleep schedule, and cut out the obvious fake sweets like cake or cookies.
    As for exercise, as a girl you can lose weight through exercise even faster than us guys, so get in some cardio whenever you can and it’ll make all the different

  • Change in your diet and regular jogging. That’s the stuff that’ll keep you fit for as long as you want to.
    Religiously follow a diet plan where you’re never full and also never hungry.
    Like break those 3 meals into 6, same quantity, and drink warmer water.
    Not everyone needs to go to the Gym to be fit, just engaging your body in as much activity possible will do the trick.

  • Don’t drink calories. Period. Stop eating sweets, reduce your portion sizes, research adequate portion sizes. If your gonna snack, eat healthy snacks. Losing weight is 80% diet. I’ve lost almost 50 lbs in the last 5 months by simply changing my diet. Eat to live, don’t live to eat. It’s a mindset, it takes dedication. It’s a lifestyle change, it takes self control.

  • There is no “easy” way to lose weight it always takes some work and dedication. Diet is probably most important for it then exercise. You want to give you body only what it needs and skip the extra calories.

  • I got one of those under desk cycles and it seems to be working well.
    Last year I lost a fair bit of weight by cutting back to two meals a day. Fasting can work if you’re careful, depends on your BFI. When you aren’t eating, your body consumes fat, muscle, and organs, in that order, to sustain itself, so as long as you don’t go overboard it works.

  • Cardio excersices would be the best bet. Perhaps hand in hand with a light diet would be best.

  • It depends on what you have to lose and in how long. If you’re looking for a fix rather than a sustainable solution then you could follow the Atkins model. You don’t have to actually follow that particular plan, just go low carb. Cut out pretty much anything with flour or sugar in it. Stick to vegetables, meat and dairy. It will work to shift pounds. The first week you’ll lose water weight and then might be static for a week or two before your body starts to consume fat.

    It’s not a longer term sustainable model because you have to cut out quite a few things. If you’re just trying to get in shape for a wedding in ten weeks time or something like that then it can work for you.

  • Drink water. Walk a mile a day. Eat just enough to feel ok get by. Take vitamins

  • Try jump rope. Give it about 2 months. Weighted jump rope of course.

  • Exercise and stop eating as much. I like to eat, but I start watching what I eat. My own diet consists of a fist sized amount of protein, and a fist sized amount of healthy carbs… my carbs are fibrous and nutritious. Like asparagus, broccoli, peas, green beans and carrots. Personally I eat most of it raw and uncooked (not the meat). Simple carbs are where the damage comes from… like bread or sugar. I don’t even bother trying to manage fat intake.

    That and weight lifting over cardio does the trick for me.

  • It is simple, watch your diet and workout, go for long hikes and run, swim… If you can go vegetarian I think that would help, eat more fruit also

  • There’s no easy way about it, it’s hard. It will be hard.

  • Run, count calories… drink tons of water, these are the only things you need to do.
    And by run, I mean run, not jog.

  • Quit eating white bread leave the sugar alone get away from regular salt quit eating fried foods and eat as much lean meat and vegetables that you can

    • If you follow me I’ll give you and tell you more about it I lost I started out at 265 pounds and I’m down to 185 over about a year-and-a-half losing 5 to 7 8 pounds it’s just according maybe 2 years now but I’m down to 185 and I was doing that and I’ll tell you how I done it they some more to it but it will work

    • lol Maybe she has starved herself to death Cos no Reply, guy. xx

    • But it is a damn good. diet maybe she hasn’t done that hope she didn’t want to lose too much weight

    • And it wasn’t to go hungry I was always plenty to eat it wasn’t one of those starve your damn self to death.

  • Eat healthy, drink 2-3 liter water or more each day and exercise.

  • Watching what you eat and exercise. It’s not difficult.

  • I have gone through weight loss multiple times including recently losing 20. All in all it requires diet and exercise, but how depends on your goals. If you just want to loss weight fast, in my experience running is the best way. I start off short distance. Like 1/2 mile 3 days a week. Then every week or 2 adding to it. Next week run a mile 3 days a week. In a couple months you will be running 3 or 4 miles 3 or 4 days a week and in that time I bet you would have lost 15 to 20 pounds depending on how overweight you are at the moment.

  • Drink water and dont eat as much while keeping yourself bussy by not doing something too physical

  • Slightly reduce your calories and increase your exercising.

  • Drink A LOT of water, don’t eat junk food, do cardio, portion control when you eat, green tea helps too, eat cabbage. Also if you boil lemons and put them in a gallon pitcher and put apple cider vinegar as well as cayenne pepper in it, it should help with controlling hunger an burn fat

  • A ketogenic diet works for weight loss
    If you reach a weight loss stall on your diet – eating lemons can usually help you get over it
    I eat extremely small quantities of oatmeal on this diet – with one serving every 1-4 hours – even though oatmeal is a banned food item on this diet – I eat it and I still lose weight – note I said extremely small quantities!
    If you have difficulty sleeping on this diet – drink 1.5 cups of milk before bed time and make sure you sleep as soon as your tired.

  • 1. avoid sugar and sugar made products
    2. Avoid junk food and oily foods
    3. Consume more vegetables and fruits
    4. Consume maximum water
    5. Sequeeze a lemon in lukewarm water and drink it every morning
    6. Try Yoga every day for 30 to 40 minutes

  • I lost 30 lbs in two months by cutting calories to about 900 a day (I ate more but exercised almost everyday so I burned enough calories that I was only left with 900 or less), eating healthy, exercising intensely five times a week, and taking Garcinia Cambogia supplements.

  • There is no easy way to loose weight. Just go on a diet (a healthy one. Not just salad for a month) and try to exercise at lest 15 minuts everyday. You have time for instagram , facebook or gag. That means you have time to exercise too.

    • That’s something millennials don’t fully understand. I have friends saying that they’re too busy but you can see them online so they’re pretty much wasting that time.
      A few get it, like you, and that’s amazing.

  • Start off by cutting out all other drinks besides water, it does wonders

  • Cut carbs, count calories, it all starts from your diet. I saw someone telling you keto and fasting, it’s the quickest way to loose way but you have to be strict on it.

  • Eating healthy and exercising. There is no magical trick.

  • Count calories and exercise (both, muscle training and cardio). Thats not only the easiest way, but also the only one where you have full control over your weight loss.
    Basically, you could still eat whatever you want as long as you stay inside of your deficite. One could loss weight just as well with eating chocolate cake only, as long as he doesn’t eat much of it. You will realize though, that some foods keeps you longer fed than others which makes it easier for you.
    For me it helped to see my daily (planned) calorie intake as some kind of a budget. Is this chocolate muffin really worth it that I waste this much of my budget on it? Yes or no? Or should I maybe eat some chicken breast and salad instead?
    And yes, I did picked the “chocolate muffin” (or any other unhealthy food) a few times, mostly because I was stressed out and craved for some soul food. I “payed” for it with being hungry for the rest of the day, but I still felt like it was worth it.
    Good luck girl 🙂

  • Eating healthy meals – as much as possible, keeping track of your calories (you need 1200 calories a day at the least) but don’t eat more than you spend overall, because if you do you won’t lose weight. So 1200 calories + what you spend at the most…
    Or, if you’re severely overweight then go for eating half of the calories you’re eating now – and see how it goes…

    My fitness pal can help you with tracking calories and macros.

    Of course, exercise is important, but not nearly as important as the things you’re putting into your body.
    Exercise is more important for toning and keeping yourself in shape.

  • Don’t eat if you aren’t hungry and quit eating unhealthy stuff. Go running or for walks, do yoga and drink a lot of water

  • everybody’s body is different, but just eat right and excersize

  • Lemon juice before eating. Lots of water and Discipline.

  • Diet and exercise. There’s no other healthy way.

  • cardio cardio and some more cardio

  • Start just drinking water and eat healthier foods

  • The easiest way is to not be a couch potato.


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