The Secrets to Why Men Lose Weight Faster than Women

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Men don’t suffer from PMS, they go topless whenever they choose and lose weight easier than women. Talk about injustice! However, while there are scientific reasons why men can shed pounds more quickly, women can balance the scales by understanding these five reasons why guys have a weight loss advantage.

Overcome His Testosterone Advantage

Testosterone is the hormone that means men have more muscle mass than women (think less fat).  And men lose weight faster simply because muscle burns more calories than fat. [1]

Hint: Biology is not always destiny and you can increase your muscle mass–and burn more calories–by lifting weights.  Plus, you’ll burn extra calories by working out more.

Estrogen: The Flip Side

A woman’s ovaries, adrenal glands and fat tissues produce estrogen, which makes it possible to become pregnant. However, estrogen also works to keep fat on a woman’s body.[2] In fact, when women diet and exercise our metabolism slows to hang onto our fat.

Hint: Women are wired to have children but that doesn’t mean they can’t stay in shape and lose excess weight. Find a wellness plan that works for you and ask a weight loss professional if you need help.

Wired to Eat

According to an article in the Washington Post, when it comes to food, research shows men and women’s brains are wired differently.[3] Tests show that even if women said they weren’t hungry, when they were asked to smell or taste fattening treats like pizza and chocolate cake, their brains lit up. This was not the case for men. And to add to the unfairness scale, ghrelin, the hormone that controls hunger goes up after a woman works out, while leptin, the “I’m full” hormone goes down.

Hint: Knowledge is power. Be prepared to be hungry after you work out and keep healthy snacks handy so you won’t be tempted to eat a sugary treat.

Give Me That Cupcake – Now!

The Mayo Clinic reports that men tend to love meat and women are attracted to carbs.[4] In addition, women can be emotional eaters and are more apt to crave comfort foods– and the more sugar, fat and salt the better.

Hint: When we know something we can address it. That also applies to cupcakes. The next time you start dreaming about coconut icing create a new habit by mixing up a coconut mango smoothie.

Help – We’re Surrounded by Food

It’s sad but true that women still do most of the food shopping, meal planning and cooking. There is a lot of food in our life–and a lot of temptation to try a bite of this or a dab of that. Plus, we may be tempted to eat what our kids are eating (French fries are a bad idea).

Hint: If you’re eating with your kids, plan your meal in advance. And resist the temptation to grab a few of their fries…maybe just one…well, just one more…

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