Time Restricted Eating: Lose Weight, Increase Productivity, and Stay Healthy

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About Time Restricted Eating: Lose Weight, Increase Productivity, and Stay Healthy

Healthy Nutrition Scientifically Explained By Experienced Specialist In Nutrition And Endocrinology!

Nearly every day we are bombarded with new scientific studies regarding health, diet and muscular enhancement. Keeping up with the latest research to reach your goals of losing weight, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and becoming slimmer and fit can prove to be an ongoing and challenging task.

The solution is to return to the basics, search and learn from our past, and follow our – much healthier – ancestor’s example.

In This Book You Will Learn Everything You Need To Know About How Simple It Is To Achieve A Better Quality Of Life, Including:

How A Single Change In Bad Habits Can Change Your Metabolism
How Regulating Your Eating Habits Is More Effective Than Dieting
How You Can Enhance Your Overall Health And Build Up Your Muscles
How To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals With Minimum Effort
And much, much more!

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Author Bio:
Dr. Simon Shaw was born in Hillsboro, Oregon and is a graduate of Oregon Health and Science University. He obtained his medical degree at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. Dr. Simon Shaw is highly skilled physician with over 10 years of experience in dietology and endocrinology.

Dr. Shaw’s passion is driven by the bonds he builds with his patients over the course of their lives and the enjoyment he holds in keeping them healthy and well. During his career, he saw more than 10,000 patients, Dr. Shaw focused on chronic diseases caused by standard American Diet and lifestyle, and set him the task of informing people about healthy and proper nutrition.

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