How to Encourage a Friend to Lose Weight

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What you should do if your friend is at the brink of being obese? Often, we come across a situation where our close friend or a relative keeps on accumulating fat, without even realising it. In a situation like this, you should take an immediate initiative to help them lose unnecessarily kilos.

If you care about struggle of your loved one who has weight issues, do the following to help them:

  1. Don’t be a coach but cheering fan for encouragement – Finding faults in what they are doing wrong won’t help. Instead, it is better to appreciate their efforts on the things they are doing as per a weight-loss manual. In other words, make sure you laud their efforts after they have accomplished goals.
  2. Understand their concerns and worries – Make an effort to understand what is causing them trouble or is the inroad in their weight loss schedule. Moreover, identify the reasons stopping them to make a whole-hearted attempt for reducing excess fat from their skin.
  3. Encourage them for healthy lifestyle change, not just weight loss – Rather than dictating the rules of weight loss or what they need to do, encourage them for a healthy lifestyle change, which include other activities, games and work they do on a daily basis.
  4. If they have had a bad day, don’t be cruel but supportive – Make sure you ask them about their progress every day. If they falter on some day, listen to their reason for not being able to pull it off. They may hesitate to talk to a trainer when things don’t go as scheduled, get them to turn to you so that they can talk it out. Don’t act as you are the referee of their life, asking them questions such as ‘Why didn’t you stick to the plan?’ or ‘Why did you eat that?’.

These are some of the advices that can help your dieter or a friend to lose weight. The basic idea is to show them that you care about them overall, not just about weight problems. In other words, it is to let them know that they can count on you to get out of the weight trouble.

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